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How you brand and position your business is as important as how you run it

Branding is more than just pretty designs on your website, Instagram feed, or business cards. It’s about how your audience feels when they interact with your business, and it’s made up of 3 things — your business’s mission, goals and values!

Branding is an important piece of your business puzzle, and it can help to position you as an expert and trusted source to your audience.

What is Your Business Brand

While it’s easy to get the two confused, a brand and a logo are two very different things. Creating a logo is just one small piece of the branding puzzle. A logo is an image or visual used to help your customers recognise your business. On the other hand, your brand is the foundation of your business and its personality. It tells your audience who you are, what you represent, and how you are perceived. 

Take Nike as an example: Their logo is the all-too-familiar tick; but their brand is their messaging, wording, key phrases, colours, and they way they use these elements together to have you jumping out of bed ready for a run! Their logo without their brand behind it is just a tick, but put it all together and it creates something meaningful, and something it’s customers are proud to wear. 

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Branding helps you to connect with your audience 

Not only does branding give people a sense of trust and understanding of your businesses values and mission, it also gives them a sense of belonging. When your customers know who you are, and understand you, they build trust. Research suggests that 50% of consumers become more loyal to a brand during their first purchase, so it’s important to create a positive experience for your customer. Being real and personable with your audience through your brand’s personality can help you to cement long lasting relationships with your customers!

Keep in mind that your brand is not for everyone. While it’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of trying to appeal to everyone, you’re going to miss out on connecting with the customers that really need and see value from your products or services. If you understand your unique customer, you can connect with them emotionally through storytelling, case studies, and content designed specifically for them! 

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Your brand is what makes your business memorable

Every facet of your brand is what makes you memorable to your audience. Brand touch points can be anything from your colours, logo, fonts, specific imagery, packaging, the buying experience of your customers, advertising, what you wear, and who you support. 

When used consistently, these touch points help your audience distinguish you amongst crowded marketplaces. However, they also have the power to become either positive or negative representations of your business. You could have a beautiful website, but a careless email or Facebook post written without intent will leave your customers wondering if they should value what you have to say after all. 

Brand Elements Objectives

Every element of your brand will capture the essence of your business and what you have to offer, and it should accomplish the following objectives: 

To reaffirm your credibility

To build an emotional connection with your audience

To generate goodwill and loyalty

To motivate your audience to buy from you 

When thinking about the identity and brand of your business, it’s important to think about the story you want to tell, and what you want your audience to think and feel when they interact with you. While a sharp looking business card or some catchy wording is great, there is a lot more effort and thought which needs to go into your overall brand and how you position yourself both on and offline. 

But remember, brand identity is not built overnight. It comes from consistently sharing your core values, mission and story behind your business. Taking a well-rounded approach to your marketing and remaining consistent in your voice, imagery, colours, and fonts will help to solidify your brand to your audience. 

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