Inspirational People – Jack Wu from Tiny Tutors

Jack Wu runs Tiny Tutors, a social enterprise with a mission to help students access specialist tutors and mentors, particularly in rural and remote locations. The aim is to provide affordable and comprehensive resources to all students, to rapidly accelerate their learning. 

We sat down with Jack to hear his entrepreneurship story.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have always had a desire to create my own business. Working in early learning, I noticed a demand for additional learning services for students, in combination with what they learn in the classroom. This is actually my third business, and over the past 3 years I have learned a lot, and have found Tiny Tutors to be a great solution to the problem I am trying to solve. Although the business is quite young, I’m excited to see how it will grow! 

What do you think makes an entrepreneur successful?

I think the word “entrepreneur” itself already means success. It means that you aren’t looking to take the normal pathway, and you’re focused on making the world a better place, and finding new solutions, new outcomes, and new ways of thinking. The day you make the commitment to become an entrepreneur, is the day you succeed!

Have you had any failures along the way where you’ve learned a valuable lesson?

I’ve made many mistakes and have faced many challenges, but the biggest lesson for me has been to become a team for my family. I have a wife and 2 young children, and I have had to find the art of balancing work life and family life. My family and I have learned how to communicate better, and how to support each other as we grow the business. There is a lot of stress and pressure which comes with balancing self employment and family life, but after a few years it’s becoming easier. 

What advice would you give to someone considering entrepreneurship and self-employment?

The best advice I can give someone is to keep asking questions! It’s important to seek help,  to learn from others, to take initiative, and to find services such as Work My Own Way that can support you. 

Everyday I think about ways that I can improve my business, to make it more efficient and more successful. I am constantly brainstorming, working on myself, and making better decisions. But I believe that what’s most important is that you learn from your mistakes and get back up if you fall!

If you’d like to learn more about Jack and his business, Tiny Tutors, you can find more information here.

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