Inspirational People – Ashish Alexander from Revlearn

Ashish Alexander is the founder of Revlearn, which helps individuals upskill and achieve their learning goals through online education. This is delivered through a one-to-one and personalised experience, helping learners with course selection and accountability, to successfully complete their professional-development and learning goals. 

Here is his inspiring entrepreneurship story.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was a student of several higher education institutions, and have also been through the schooling systems of two different countries. I’m passionate about education and learning, and throughout my own journey, I was able to identify problems with current forms of traditional education.  

Dropping out of some of these programs and pursuing work in different fields gave me the quality time and experience to think and ideate on these problems further. I learnt about entrepreneurship more and really resonated with it, and this inspired me to create my business. 

What’s one myth about entrepreneurship that you think should be myth busted?

One myth that should be busted is that entrepreneurs are born, and need to show signs of sales and business experience through running lemonade stands while they are young, to qualify to pursue it as a career. 

What’s been the best thing about your adventure so far?

Being part of the Australian startup and business ecosystem and community! It’s great to have a lot more programs available to support entrepreneurs, so that they are not completely alone on the journey.

How has the Work My Own Way program helped you to grow your business?

The Work My Own Way program has helped me get my business from idea to formation. The sessions have been very helpful in getting my business from 0 to 1!

If you’d like to learn more about Ashish, and his business, Revlearn, you can find more information here.

For a limited time, the Revlearn service is free upfront too, so feel free to get in contact with them if you’d like to learn more.

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