Get Off The Bench – Webinar

Thu 8th Oct 2020, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm AEDT

Got an idea or project you want to get off the ground? Or maybe you have a number of things running around inside your head and you don’t know where to start. This workshop is designed to help you breathe life into your idea and take the first step.

This workshop is a kickstarter for getting any idea off the bench and into the game, be it a personal goal, community project, business or side hustle, or maybe the beginnings of a larger Not for Profit with global reaches. Even if you want to make a difference on a much smaller scale, there are many things you can do that have a huge impact on the lives you directly touch.

You will gain clarity around your idea, break it down into manageable chunks, and prepare to take the first step.

Kerryn Vaughan is an international speaker and author, trainer, mentor and podcast host. Her book ‘Magnificent Kids!’ was the catalyst to her founding the global organisation One Planet Classrooms, which was an epic fail a few months in! At that point she could have given up and walked away from the whole idea, but the learnings from that have been the driving force to reframe failure, keep going and trust that what you have to offer, the world needs.

One Planet Classrooms now facilitates projects in Africa that include clean water solutions, solar power, sustainable projects, feminine hygiene & empowerment initiatives, as well as the sponsorship of 180 school children.

Kerryn is also the co-founder of Girls With Hammers, a business that focuses on women’s empowerment through conferences, workshops and mentoring.

She is the author of Get Off The Bench, and creator of the Get Off The bench workshops, which help people to bring their ideas to life. With loads of success stories under her belt, she knows only too well how to help people find their voice and unlock their magnificence, and delivers this in a brutally honest kick-ass way that only Kerryn can.

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