What support is available?

The Work My Own Way program includes a range of different activities that can be stacked together to support your individual journey. All of the activities are standalone, meaning that you can dial up or down the support as you need it.

 All activities are free for participants.

 The activities include:

  • Skill-building workshops: Hands-on workshops that will give you practical and tangible tools that you can apply to your business or idea straight away.

  • Meetups: Informal social events that allow you to connect with like-minded others and build your support network.

  • Mentoring events: where you can connect to multiple local Gippsland business leaders to get different perspectives and support on your biggest challenges.

  • Business coaching: 1:1 coaching sessions with our in-house business expert who can give you feedback and advice for your specific idea or business.

  • Professional services 1:1: Bookable one-on-one sessions with professional service experts such as lawyers, marketers and accountants.

This program is fully funded and there is no cost to participate.