Why start your own business?

By Stephanie Thoo | September 5, 2019

There’s a big misconception around entrepreneurship that it’s something that you’re born with. This is not true. Research has shown that the more times you try to start a business, the more likely you are to succeed, hence showing that entrepreneurship is a learnable skill.

Why competitors aren’t your only worry when it comes to getting your customer’s attention

By Stephanie Thoo | August 29, 2019

Every entrepreneur wants to believe their product or service is unique – a snowflake that the market hasn’t seen before. But in reality, even if you have no direct competitors, your customers are still considering alternatives products/services to your offering.

Problems Worth Solving

By Stephanie Thoo | July 17, 2019

When you have a business idea, it’s hard to know where to start or whether your idea has any merit. This is the most common question we get asked so we thought we’d share a few tips to help you take your first entrepreneurial steps.

Meet Steph, Work My Own Way’s Program Manager

By Stephanie Thoo | March 4, 2019

Steph is the brains behind the operation, with an MBA (first class honours) from Melbourne Business School and a wealth of innovative learning. She’s an expert in the latest business trends from design thinking and human centred design, to lean startup methodology, jobs to be done theory and agile methodology. Don’t worry if these are all new names and ideas to you, Steph will be sharing her knowledge regularly on our blog.

What is Work My Own Way?

By Stephanie Thoo | March 2, 2019

The Work My Own Way program has a number of activities including skill-building workshops, business coaching, professional services, mentoring and meetups.